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What is the difference & Which is better? Wool or Soaker?

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Like many diapering questions, it depends upon your preferences.

I think there are four types of wool "diaper covers":

1. A wool wrap, which fits closely around a diaper (and is suitable for trifolded CPF's) and closes in the front with velcro/touchtape/aplix);
2. A pull up wool cover, which is made from wool fabric ("fulled" or "felted"), sort of like wool undies;
3. wool soaker, which is made from knitted wool (not wool fabric). Knitted wool can be knit by hand or machine, and some wool soakers are made from "recycled" wool sweaters.
4. wool cover, which is made from wool fabric and can have front or side closures, aplix or snaps.

In my experience with a heavy wetting, active toddler, wool soakers work best. Hand knitted wool retains much of the natural lanolin in it and repels moisture best, in my experience. I also love the softness of hand knitted wool, and the comfort of the pull up style (no binding elastic, however soft, around the legs). I also love the old-fashioned look of hand-knitted wool.

I wrote the following article in July about wool covers, and you can find more information and links to products there, if you're interested. Since I've written this article, there are tons more WAHM's making soakers, which is just great:

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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