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What is the rise of Kissaluvs sz 2?

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Sz 1s are getting a bit low on dd and I was thinking of moving up, but she is only 4 mos and about 13 lbs. Would the sz 2 droop badly if set on the tightest setting? Does anyone here have some so you could give me the measurements?
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Sorry, I don't have a rise number for you, but we had the same trouble with ds. He outgrew the rise of his 1's L--O--N--G before he had even time to grow into the waist

He was still easily on the crossover snaps when he outgrew the 1's.


I sold all my KL 2's (I had bought like 30 of them
: ) and changed brands. My kiddo just wasn't shaped like a Kissaluv anymore. He is long and thin with a higher rise and thunky thighs.

Let's see...some brands of available diapers that I would say have a higher rise:

Sugarpeas (especially the side snap)

Ecobaby Absorbitalls

that ecobaby diaper with the velcro, don't remember the name

Happy Heiny's, but bf poo can leak out of the legs of those if they don't fit just right, and your dc is about to get to the age where they slim down, so that might be an issue


I'll try to think of some more
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Thanks bunches!! that gives me some things to look into!
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I believe they have a 15 inch rise. And yes they will droop badly. Sorry.
My dd had wing droop at 20 pounds in size 2's.
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