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What Is this?-gross TMI?

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I thought I had a yeast infection about a week ago I treated w/ an over OTC drug and thought it was gone but a few days later the itching came back and along with this disgusting discharge that is thick and yellow (but odorless) and gets all hard and nasty on my undies.I'd insert the bag smilie here but I can't find
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It could still be possible that you have a yeast infection that includes the entire body, not just the female parts, so to speak. This link has a lot of good info. Hth.
Here's another good site click on Candida and there's a questionnaire you can fill out
You could have a bacterial infection going on along with another yeast infection.

You may want to get it checked out, just to see.

From a fellow yeast infection sufferer...
Sounds like the nasty bacterial infection I had when I was a freshman in college.....I thought moral karma had delt me a hand of VD!!! :LOL
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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