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what is this pain?!

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I'm 21 weeks tomorrow. For 3 days now I've had this on and off pain in my right side/lower abdomen. Lifting/exercise seems to aggravate it. Most the time it's just annoying, but at times it makes it hard to move at all and takes my breath away. At times it goes away completely. Baby is kicking and I heard a heartbeat just a few days ago. No other symptoms at all.
So far I've decided what it probably is not, mainly because of lack of other symptoms pointing at those diagnoses, and that includes: gall / kidney stones, bladder / kidney infection, contractions (b/h or otherwise), constipation.
Anybody experience anything like this? Is this the infamous round ligament pain? Could it be ovarian even though it feels too high/superficial for that? Other suggestions?
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I would say its probably round liagament pain. Try this- press gently right where you feel the pain. The pain will probably be very intense-That is the attatchment of the liagament. I have found that just holding slight pressure on this area will relieve the pain temporarily and is a quick fix when it strikes. I can't avoid lifting since I have an almost 11 month old dd to care for.
My guess would also be the round ligament pain. I am expecting my 4th baby and during the past 3 pregnancies I have had increasingly worse pain. This last time it started when I was only a few weeks along. If you experience the pain while turning over in bed or getting off the sofa you can lay on the side of the pain and that will also help relieve it. I have recently started seeing a chiropractor because it was such a frequent problem for me and he has almost completely eliminated it in only a few weeks. Just an idea to consider if it gets too bad!
Try this- press gently right where you feel the pain. The pain will probably be very intense
Yep, that is exactly true. Thanks for your input and suggestions! No pain today yet
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If it persists, it could possibly be a hernia...It probably is round ligament pain, but I developed a hernia with #4, I was completely surprised.
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