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what is this??? please help!!

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yesterday i woke up with sore nipples and as the days went on they got pink/red and have little bumps. it's not too painful, but a little itchy. dd is 25 months and we haven't had any experience with thrush up to this point but i was wondering if that's what it sounds like? also, i noticed the same rash on the bridge, now spread over the entire, of my nose. this patch isn't painful or itchy (except right this moment because i'm thinking of it :LOL ). would yeast do that? and how did it get there?

i haven't noticed any symptoms in dd currently, but last week she had a nasty diaper rash, but it went away when i used a homemade balm i use for her eczema on it. i do remember her having small red bumps around her mouth a couple days ago, but she gets that occasionally i think from tomato sauce, but i'm not sure...

does anyone have any ideas? could this be something else i'm not thinking of? whatever it is, i'd like to nip it in the bud asap so it doesn't spread to dd (assuming i didn't get it from her) please help!
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It does sound like thrush. Get thee to a doctor and get treated and have your baby treated at the same time, so reinfection doesn't occur.
I don't have any suggestions, but I am curious about your exzema dd gets exzema so bad in the winter.
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