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Please i hope somone knows.....

I am 17 weeks pregnant. I have had this small rash spot(s) on my chin and lower cheek and upper lip area since i was 6 weeks pregnant.
I have been to the doc. He thought it was either, a skin bacterial infection or a skin yeast infection. I have now had a prescription for both an antibiotic cream and a yeast cream. Neither have worked!! Its still red and slightly bumpy, only hurts when i wash it, and occationally itches, but i think thats when is just really dry.
I have gotten new makeup, and new brushes (thinking maybe they were contaminated with somthing). I have not used any new soaps or anything like that.

All i know is that i am super ugly, and i have to put SO much coverup on to even leave the house.
ANY THOUGHTS??? Anyone have/had this?
This is making me really sad, i hate looking like this.

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