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What is up with my AIOs?!

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It seems like all of my AIOs are leaking! It is driving me nuts- I cannot figure it out! Even my newest dipes are doing it... I only leave the shells in for a cold soak and wash with an extra rinse with about 2 Tbls. of detergent, then take them out and hang them to dry. Not running them through a hot cycle is starting to creep me out though, because they are getting soaked with pee when she wears them, so I don't feel like they are getting clean!

I know I have seen water proofing spray mentioned several times- should I try that? I just seems like I must be doing something wrong if all of them are leaking. My beccabottoms are only a few weeks old and even those seem to be leaking?

Maybe Ains has suddenly become a super soaker? I *think* I am changing her often enough... It just stinks because I use my AIOs when we go out and she keeps ending up with wet clothes... Any ideas?
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Could it be that you have detergent build up and so the soakers are repelling? That's my guess.
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I came to the conclusion that AIOs are not an option for my two super soakers. Hope that is not the case for you.
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All the AIO's I own are convienent and cute but when we go out and about I bring a ton because I change them often. That or pack the inside full of 1-2 more layers/soakers. As long as I put an extra soaker in it, I hardly ever have a problem. If there's no where else for the pee to go.. it goes out!
I would try stripping them (Becky mentioned detergent build up) AND drying a few times on HOT in the dryer <gasp> I know, I know.. but every once in a while PUL needs to be "sealed" again. I do it every once in a while and it really does work!!
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