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What is wrong with these herbs?

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I have a really good handle on herbs but came across something I can't figure out. I am 5 mos. preg (4th baby
) and have used many herbs each time, safely. So I came across a prepared tea, the ingredients are
Yellow Dock
Nettle leaf
Red Clover
I know that the first two are good for anemia in preg. The others good for digestion and other minor ailments.
The tea itself states not recommended for preg. Do you think that is just a general warning or is there something toxic I am missing?

I am constantly expanding my knowledge of herbs and my library. I have looked in my books and can't find any contraindications for these herbs. Can anyone help????? TIA
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I am a Master Herbalist and the only herb that may be of concern is licorice as it can cause water retention in very large doses.

Many companies offer out the warning do not use in pregnancy as a general blanket statement to legally cover their butts.

It is always wise to consult a knowledgeable herbalist with any herbal preparations.
That was a good link.
It listed Burdock seed and the tea uses the root. Hmmmmmmm...........
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Very rarely are burdock seeds used in formulation and when they are it is almost always used for skin issues. The formulation mentioned was for burdock root not seed more than likely or the tea does not make sense.
T The website you quoted Busy Mommy is where I did most of my herbal education!
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Right, the tea uses burdock root. But the link mentioned seed as being a possible danger.

So, in your opionion would you consider this tea to be safe as in once a day here and there? My main interest was in the dandelion and yellow dock. I could just go get those but since I have this inhouse thought that I could make use of it.
I would think it to be safe if you have never experienced a fluctuation in blood pressure or water retention in pregancy.

A great book is Herbal Healing for Women by Rosemary Gladstar.
I haven't.

I do like her, I have essays she has written on herbs and babies and children. She was one of my first resources so I will definitely look that one up very soon.
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dandelion is a very potent diuretic. you may find more info on it if you search the latin name, "taraxacum" instead. I added just a tiny bit to my normal pregnancy tea (nettles, oat straw, red raspberry leaves) *after* DD2 was born, because she had jaundice. It cleared it up before we ever made it to the doctor's office two days later. Too much dandelion makes my heart race. And as often as I had to pee while pregnant, I did not use it during pregnancy.
I just bought Rosemary Gladstar's Herbal Health for Women and for Men both. Wish I'd known about this 2 pg ago.

I LOVE that website--boy, it's fascinating. And,
T again, here's another fun link I found today.

Hoping this link works, too
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