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What is your favorite diaper fabric, internal/external?

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It seems that so many people are getting turned off of hemp, and I know this has been going on for awhile. But now since there is such an upsurge in organic fabrics, OV, OS, OC, etc etc I am wondering what fabrics are the faves now? I am making my own and am thinking that organic sherpa and organic cotton and velour might be the best way to go. I am also waiting on some bamboo...

So, what do you love? What do you hate?
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I actually still like the hemp. I haven't had any problem with them except when I used too much detergent and got major build up. I like how absorbent they are and how they are holding up
I don' care what doesn't touch DS as long as he's got OV next to his skin.
My favorite fabric for the layer that touches the baby's skin is organic sherpa. My favorite fabric for the outer is organic cotton fleece.
I'm crazy for OC French terry these days, inner and outer, wherever. And I'm of the group that's getting turned off to hemp--bought some contours that do contain all the mess, but they just get so stiff... And the terry is so nice and stretchy. Velour is a close second.
I prefer cotton over hemp for touching baby's skin, because it tends to be softer. However, I like hemp for pocket inserts because of the absorbancy. My favorite inner material is organic stretch terry like in the organic Motherease Sandys, because it stops all runny poo in its tracks, LOL!

never tried hemp, but I know I looooove OV. Don't care for sherpa as much.
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we just use plain old cotton prefolds inside, I hated hemp, it seemed to almost rot away on us, major holes in all of our hemp stuff and we washed daily!! we use only wool outside.
My favorite inner is cotton or cotton/poly (80:20) velour. It stays super soft and I never have any staining issues. My favorite thing to make my pocket stuffers out of is a tri-fold 91:9 sherpa/flannel insert. I also make cotton terry velour/flannel inserts and they are also super absorbant.

I have never used any organic fabric, so I can't speak for that. But I stay away from hemp (stink and hardness issues) and try to use cotton for everything else.
Organic Velour seem to be holding up very well in our hard water.
As long as it is soft cotton it isn't all bad. I like a good soft flannel or cotton jersey too..
OV is definitely my favourite inner fabric. But I like OC too. Not tried bamboo yet, but would like to. Sherpa is just not absorbant enough for us any more and is a little bulky, and we do seem to have stink issues when we have too much hemp - but I do still have some hemp diapers that I like. Never been a fan of suedecloth and use minimal number of fleece inners - I'd definitely rather have the organics.

For outers I am not so picky. Again, OC and OV are faves, and for AIOs I do really like lightweight windpro. I also like cute knit prints.
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