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What is your favorite waffle maker

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we need a new wafflemaker our old one is beyond repair. We prefer one that makes square waffles of regular thickness (not the Belgian kind). And we are prepared to spend $50 or less.
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My waffle iron died a few months ago and I about went crazy looking for a new one. I too do not want belgian waffles, and that's about all you can find these days.

That being said, I ended up w/a cuisineart round and it works fine. I like the variable temp control and it cranks out waffles faster than our family of 4 can eat them. It was $35 at Sears. I was desperate for waffles, we have them every Sat., and bought the first one I could get my hands on.

I was considering some others that make rectangular waffles. There were some highly rated ones on epinions, you should check it out.

I also have the Cuisinart, but it's round. I love it. We use it every other weekend and I make a double batch for 'toater waffles" from the freezer during the week. It cleans up pretty easily if you don't overflow the batter

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We love our Cuisinart waffle maker. It has 4 squares.

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