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Let me preface this with the information that I practice in a state with very strict rules about the 42 week mark, or I wouldn't be too worried right now. Also I'm very sure of the dates for the client whom I am worried about going "post dates."

She is quickly approaching her 41 week mark. Right now (40 weeks and 5 days, I believe), baby and mama are both JUST FINE. I'm just worried about that magical 42 week mark when somehow homebirth no longer becomes safe in this state (gag). She was 41 weeks with her last baby and went into labor naturally, so I DON'T anticipate a problem, but I'm trying to formulate a plan so that she doesn't end up having to transfer care and have an induction at 42 weeks. She's taking EPO orally right now, and I'm thinking about offering her mastergland at her next prenatal (if we make it that far).

I don't have a lot of successful experience with natural induction methods, and for postdates I don't know when to start them. I don't want to force a baby out "too early" but I also don't want to wait so long that mom is feeling stressed and thinking "this has to WORK".

Also, this mama is still working a 40 hour week. I know moms who work up to their due date tend to go later. I am thinking of suggesting she take a few days off of work and focus on herself and her baby within, but this would be a very costly method of induction for her as she has no paid maternity leave.

Does anyone have any advice for me? (feel free to e-mail or PM if you'd rather)

Thanks in advance!!
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