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Are your personal care products safe? Beware! You are probably being exposed to toxic chemicals including possible human carcinogens (cancer causing ingredients). While most ingredients are safe, some are known to cause immediate sensitivity reactions, and others may be extremely toxic to our bodies.

Skin is our body's largest organ. It is a two way membrane where toxins are eliminated through sweat glands via perspiration, or absorbed into the body through hair follicles and sebaceous glands.

Cosmetic manufacturers do not claim their products penetrate our skin. If they did, their products would be considered a 'drug' and would be governed by stricter regulations. This is both good and bad. It means your skin can be nourished from the outside with pure beneficial ingredients. However, it also means cosmetic manufacturers can include ingredients in their products that would never be permitted for oral consumption. Unfortunately these ingredients are absorbed into our body through our skin.

Consumers have been brainwashed into believing that everything available in the market place, or claimed to be natural, must be safe to use or consume. Clearly this is not the case. Educate yourself and choose safe, non-toxic personal care products that are free of synthetic chemicals. It is important to read labels and become an informed consumer to avoid exposure to toxins disguised as 'natural' ingredients.

As the popularity of organic products continues to grow, more and more companies claim to use 'organic' herbs in their skin and personal care products. However, what about the rest of their ingredients? Are they safe? Currently there are no restrictions on use of the term 'organic'. Fortunately, the term 'certified organic' is governed by a number of internationally recognized organizations. The only way to guarantee the organic authenticity and integrity of every ingredient in a product is by choosing products that display the logo of a certifying body.

It pays to be careful about what we use to moisturize, lather up and rinse off with. Remember that what you put on your skin gets under your skin! With Certified Organic food rapidly becoming the nutrition of choice by the health conscious, why would we accept anything less for our skin?

Visit for a large range of pure, natural, synthetic chemical free, 'certified organic products.
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