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What Does Your School Calendar Look Like?

  • School for three weeks and break for one week, year round

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  • School three months and break one month, year round

    Votes: 2 8.7%
  • Follow the public schools schedule

    Votes: 3 13.0%
  • We don't have a schedule

    Votes: 18 78.3%

What is Your Yearly Schedule?

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We are going to start homeschooling in a few months and I'm trying to decide how I want to schedule our schooling. Our life is kinda crazy right now, so I get a sense of normalcy if I know what our routine is. I haven't yet figured out which route I want to take. What is your schedule and why do you like it?
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Our schedule wasn't listed as a choice, so I'll post a reply. We unschool, and our learning continues all the time. We're as likely to do math on a Saturday in July as we are on a Thursday in October. But "no schedule" doesn't fit us either, because our year does have a rhythm to it, and my kids do, increasingly, like to plan certain things into their weels.

Basically our school year starts in March when the outdoors begins to spring to life and we try to get over our winter doldrums. We become quite productive during the late spring, and by summer we are in high gear. We have lots of time together for academic stuff because many of the weekly activities are on hiatus. By September we're doing all the academic stuff plus we're back to activities and with our heavy involvement in music things only get nuttier as we get to Christmas. By December the academics have fallen away a lot and we're mostly doing hands-on learning (music, baking, crafts, etc.).

Our down time is a much-needed break through January and February.

We also usually take a 2-week family holiday in September which changes the face of our learning. So in actuality, our "school year" has naturally evovled into something that's very much like a normal public school year, except that it's rotated 180 degrees.

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I checked no schedule. Ours doesn't fit into the categories. We work year round. Sometimes more intense than others. We could also be as likely to do math on a Saturday in July as a Thursday in October. Somedays we don't do more than puzzles and reading and crafts. We take off when we want to. I agree that the academic book learning slows down around the Christmas Holiday for us too. More crafts, baking, decorating etc. That is the benefit of homeschooling for us.

Year-round, with the official 'start' of the new academic year being the birthday!
I said we don't have a schedule but our year looks a lot like the other posters. Lots in spring and summer. Fall always throws us off with all the shifting of activities and by winter we are completely on holiday and then during the nastiness of spring ( it is pretty cold and sloppy here) we usually get back intot he book learnin'. But there are no specific days of the week we are on or off (including Sunday) and no specific weeks we take off. we sorta school as we are feel led. If the girls find something they are totally engrossed in screw the books and lesons. If they are sitting around being lumps we break out some mind enriching activities. If I feel like it
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Dad is a school teacher so we have to follow the school calendar so we can be off with dad without stress and free.
only because we are using a ps charter. We are unschooling though, so I guess that we only follow it technically, in reality we do what we want when we
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