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What kind of diaper would fit under a . . .

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Biobottoms BIKINI cut wrap ? It's a size "E" - 28-32 pounds

It doesn't come anywhere near covering the sides of any of the diapers I have now (doesn't help that the cover is a bit too large for Boo yet either I'm sure).

What would you put under something like that ?
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I'd assume a bikini cut diaper. But, I'm not real sure. I hope someone has a better answer for you! Good luck!
a trifold hemp soaker. Snugwee sells great ones, although I only see sherpa on her site right Yvonne.
I've never used the TP here.

Do you ladies think anyone would be willing to do a straight trade - this biobottom bikini cut wrap for a full-coverage wool wrap/soaker ?
I'm thinking a trifolded prefold or a hemp something (joeybunz?)
I used Biobottoms bikini cut with my first daughter and always used contours. You could use anything that doesn't need to go over the hips--a trifold, a contour from a WIO (especially one that has the elastic around the legs to keep the poop off the cover), one of those Rumpsters things, etc. I actually really liked the design, since it fits for a lot longer than the regular-cut covers when you have a chunky baby.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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