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I am desperate to figure out what to eat.
I am 13 weeks preg and cannot stand these foods:

red meat
white meat (chicken,pork,turkey etc)

breads & baked goods
fried foods of any kind
sweets (even straight sugar in coffee!)

I could eat, if someone made for me:
salads & some greens
spices of any sort (no sweet)
pasta in soups

I am at a loss.
Its 10 am and I've been up since 5a. I have not eaten anything at all, and honestly couldn't fathom eating a thing. I drank some water with my vits this morning, that's it.
I eat only peanut butter on saltines (by barely choking it down) just to get protein.

any suggestions? I'm worried.

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do you have someone to make the things for you you can eat? from your list (yeah, it's small
) you could try the following:

spreads made of beans and lentils and add this to whatever you ate the peanut butter on (no matter how gross it is, it gives you protein). for protein, could you also eat quinoa in soups or stews?

the greens and beans and pasta in soups or stews, possibly with quinoa

salads with avocado (good fat)?
any fruits? maybe with some milk as a smoothie? or is that too sweet?

keep on drinking though, maybe you can get down some teas in addition to water or some juices. hydration is important!!

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my dh does the cooking, but since he works during the day, its hard to get a good meal until he gets home.
of course my kids are die-hard carnivores who want nothing but beef and veggies.
thanks for the ideas-I 'm going to try them.
Be well!

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Wow, that sounds a lot like my 3rd pregnancy! There was VERY little I could stomach for the first 6 months. For the final trimester it improved considerably.
I am vegan, plus all baked goods and grains except plain white bagels and white rice made me hurl, even with meds.

Here's what I definitely could eat:
-plain bagels
-strawberry candy
-strawberry smoothies (I made a lot of these: frozen organic strawberries, enriched rice milk, some vegan rice protein powder, a teaspoon of EFA oil, a sprinkle of Perfect Food (I had to hold my breath and cover my nose because the smell of opening the canister made my vomit, as did pretty much anything))
-blanched cold spinach w/ a little soy sauce
-white rice with spicy Thai curry vegetables & tofu
-strawberry soy yogurt

I could sometimes keep down:
-spanish rice & beans
-broccoli in chinese garlic sauce
-mango smoothie

That was it. I managed to get off meds at 26 weeks. And he was born at home at 37 weeks and was just fine. It's incredible what babies can grow on!

It is soooo hard. Birth is easy for me, but pregnancy just scares me. It's like having the stomach flu for half a year.

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For me the actual eating wasn't a problem it was smelling the food. If I couldn't smell it it was better, so I only ate frozen stuff.
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