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What kind of oil can you use to freshen your dipes?

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I want to get some type of oil to put in the rinse cycle w/DS's dipes. I've heard lavender and tea tree oil are good, but what kind do I get? I'm looking at this on eBay right now and this is what I found:

Lavender%20Essential%20Oil] Essential Oil

Lavender%20Bath%20and%20Body%20Oil] and Body Oil

Which type is it?
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I never knew that there were so many different types!
I bought mine (TTO and Lavender) both from my Green Grocers,
The TTO is made be Tea Tree Therapy inc. and is in a 1 0z bottle.
The Lavender Oil is made by Aura cacia and is in a .5 Oz bottle.

I'm sure this didn't help much
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You want to make sure to use 100% Essential Oil - anything else such as body oil or massage oil etc will have additives that could do yucky things to the dipes!
As far as what oil does what, TTO is used as more of an antispectic/antibacterial. Lavendar also has some antibacterial qualities, but smells yummy too!
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