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What kind of pail liner do you use?

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I've seen some of the larger wet bags and totes and was considering getting some for my diaper pail. I'm just using a medium sized garbage can for my pail. What do you use for a liner and where did you get it?

Also, I've noticed that in the washing directions on a lot of my diapers they say that the covers should be washed separately. Do any of you have a separate pail just for covers or what do you do?

TIA, I'm just trying to get things ready for my baby! I've never cd'd before so this is all new to me.
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right now i just use garbage bags
but i'm getting some diaper pail liners off

I haven't heard that about washing covers separate...hmmm...
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i use one from
I use regular white nylon laundry bags from the 99 cents store.
: They are pretty good quality considering that I've been using the same 2 for almost eight months and they haven't fallen to pieces. They're pretty waterproof (my diaper pail doesn't get wet) and I just throw the whole thing (diapers and laundry bag) in the machine. I think a real wetbag would be made of PUL but these work just fine for me and they were cheap.
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I use a L Bummis wetbag and everything goes in it together. When I first started I seperated but that lasted about a month if that.
I use the Bummis large liners. I have had 2 for about 3 years now and they work great.

I put covers in the kids' regular laundry basket (so they get washed in cold with the clothes, then I pull them out to hang to dry), unless they have poop on them, in which case I put them in the pail and wash with the diapers.
I use a Bummis bag and I just throw everything in it all together. On wash day I empty the bag into the washer and then throw the bag in with all the dipes. I love the Bummis bags - they hold up so well even after all of the washing. I do let them hang dry, though.
I use a $3 waterproof bag from the camping department at target.
It's not beautiful, but it works and gave me a few extra dollars for diapers!
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I don't use a liner at all. I just toss everything in the pail - pf's, covers, and wipes (baby wash cloths). When I need to wash I carry the pail to the washer and "dump" it in. This does involve using my hands in the diapers a bit, but it doesn't bother me. I wash the dipes with Simple Green and washing soda so I just put a squirt of Simple Green in the empty pail and wipe it out with a clean wipe, then toss that wipe in the washer with the rest of the load. The pail goes back upstairs and I don't have any problems with stink.
I never, ever used a liner, diapered 4 kids in cloth. Covers will stink if you put them in with the dipes, just wash them with clothing and air dry them.
I use the extra large white nylon laundry bag from Target. I bought two of them two years ago and have been alternating them as I need. They work great! They came with some sort of waterproofing film on the inside that started peeling off after the first few washes. Once that film was gone they have been great. I use a 15 gallon garbage can with a swinging lid that I also got at Target and it is perfect to hold three days worth of diapers.

I usually just throw the covers (or pockets and AIO shells in my case, I use wool covers which I would NEVER throw into a machine) in the wash with the diapers. I also dry them through one cycle with all the diapers and then remove them and dry the diapers through another cycle with a load of laundry. I've been doing it this way for over 22 months with no adverse effects on the diapers or covers.
I bought a pail liner made by wahmies from I love it. I use it in my 13 gallon trash can and just throw it in the washer with my diapers. There is a hemp patch attatched to the diaper liner so you can add a drop of tea tree oil to keep the smell away if it bothers you. Plus it's a lot cheaper than the bummis liners. If they do not have a color you like (I think they only have pink and purple) go to and click retailers and you should find someone who carries the color you like.
useing MOE (fuzzi bunz brand)hanging pail liner in my medium garbage pail works great and has a nice little terry piece to put the TTO to keep it smelling nice
I've never used one...but was planning to buy a mesh one for this pail is pretty massive...I think 48 L or something...gotta look for a mesh one...any ideas?

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We rotate with the Bummis bag and the Fuzzibunz/MOE bag.

I always wash all diapers and covers together.
I sewed up 8 tubes of PUL, pillowcase style. Easy-peasy. Because my stash is organic, I'm not going to run PUL through the wash with it, so I just save them up for a week or so, and toss them in with my travel wetbags from the diaper bag.
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