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What kind of pocket inserts ?

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I plan on purchasing some FB...
do I want hemp, microterry or what???

Whats best & whats the differences?

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Ok, so the reason I asked is b/c I can get 12 good used FB w/ 12 Hemparoo inserts for $150 shipped OR 12 new FB w/ 12 microterry inserts for about 10 -15 $ more shipped and I am trying to decide which is best!

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I have both and I use them for different things! The hemp is nice because it is trim and absorbent. But, I find it to be a little stiff and square, while the micro-terry isn't. Micro-terry is also quite absorbent and is better at absorbing quickly. Some people don't like washing micro-terry because everything sticks to it in the dryer, and it feels weird on your hands if they are dry.

I have to say that if I could get new FB for 10 dollars more, I would go for that one. Just me though...
HTH a little.
The big difference for me is that hemp absorbs much more slowly IME. So, if you have a flooder, and just have only hemp inside of your pocket, its possible that your diaper will leak. Microfiber tends to absorb very quickly. In my pockets that I have hemp, I tend to add some kind of booster on top of the hemp that will absorb quickly like a sherpa doubler or something.
Hope this makes sense.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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