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What kind of sugar do you use?

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We used to buy the regular old stuff that is sold at every grocery store.

Last time we filled up we got dehydrated organic cane juice. This time we got fructose (or maybe its called something different its derived from fruit) and its also organic.

Which of the sugars is the best choice?
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I'd say whatever kind you use, make sure it's always organic. The non-organic kind has TONS of chemicals and pesticides--YUK! I have experimented with lots of sweeteners. Right now I'm using Sucanat, which I think is a more pure, less refined form of evaporated cane juice. It's very dark brown and smells of molasses. The crystals are not clear and they are pretty crunchy! It contains a lot more of the good stuff in sugar cane (vit. &min.). I don't use it a lot, mostly for baking and sweetening bear mush or oatmeal for the kids. I've used honey a lot; make sure it's RAW and hasn't been heated or filtered to get the best quality and nutrition. Agave nectar is another good sweetener; organic and natural, but can be pricey if used in large amounts. It's so yummy, though. Barley malt and brown rice syrup are less sweet than any other alternative, but their sugars consist of maltose, which enters the bloodstream much less quickly than sucrose(cane sugar and honey), avoiding the highs and lows of the "sugar buzz" and the desire to follow one sweet thing with another!
iykwim. Anyway, organic, natural, and unrefined are the most important things about sugars. And avoiding the commercial sweeteners corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup. They are the lowest quality, cheapest sweeteners around, and like most foods, you get what you pay for. Most are made from genetically modified corn crops and of course, are not organic. Bad news for you and your family's health. I've even read some research that links them with diabetes type 2. Not surprising. Good luck in your quest for health and wellness!
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I have always bought Domino pure cane sugar because I don't like the dirty sock smell of beet sugar.
When I run out again, I'm going to start buying Organic.

My MIL gave me some coupons the other day and I noticed that Domino will be selling Organic sugar soon. I'm
that my local grocery store will carry it.

PS- for my decaf iced tea I sweeten with half sugar and half stevia
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I use Stevia. It's not a sugar but it is sweet. You can find it at most health food stores. There are many brands. Some good, some not so good.

Originally Posted by Jasmyn's Mum
I use Stevia. It's not a sugar but it is sweet. You can find it at most health food stores. There are many brands. Some good, some not so good.
So what's a good brand of Stevia? I've been wanting to try it, as it's the only sweetener I'm allowed on my funky diet (but hey, no yeasty beasites this month
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Maple sugar is a bit pricey, but very yummy! I use it in apple or pecan pie and it's so good! I bake & cook with it, but have never used it in tea or coffee, so I don't know about that. I prefer my drinks unsweetened and don't care for the taste of stevia myself. Definately stick with organic and get unrefined like turbinado or evaporated cane juice.
I have SteviaClear... a liquid form of stevia. From what I understand, if you buy the liquid you should buy the clear. Something about removing the color removes the aftertaste or something. Do a search for stevia on this forum, it seems like there were some discussions about it.
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I buy organic sugar to avoid the pesticide residue adn also because since it is more expensive, I tend to think twice before baking and how much I want to use! Jam making season starts next week, and I am not sure How much organic jam I can afford to make, between the cost of organic berries and organic sugar. I will probably wind up doing some organic and some regular........I wish we could afford to do all organic, but we just can't.
Rapadura is very good and is supposed to be even less processed than Sucanat. It's a bit pricey though. We usually get organic Turbinado Sugar.
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