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What worked great for me with Justin that I didn't do with the first 2, and that I believe led to a shorter (4 hours as opposed to 13-15 hours) more comfortable birth experience:

Prior to due date:
Use Evening Primrose Oil internally and orally for 4 weeks prior to due date
Eat lots of raspberries the last week before due date

During labor:
Stay home (as long as possible if you are going to the hospital)
Don't sit/lay down - not once - *at all*
Walk, walk, walk, especially outside during early labor,
but laps around the dining room were fine after transition and before pushing
Vocalization and pelvic rocking during heavy contractions
Lower lumbar counterpressure during heavy contractions
Shower during transition, leaning with hands on wall with lower lumbar counterpressure during contractions
Maintenance of mindful relaxation of my pelvis during contractions
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