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You sound AMAZING!

I never went into labor with my DS, so this is a new experience for me. I did however, work in L&D as an RN and started many'a pitocin drips - the induced pain seems worse than the natural pain - based on my observations only. Many women told me over the years that the pain felt like "you're dying" and begged for drugs -often before even dilating/progressing. Pain does strange things to people - everyone has such a different reaction to it. I feel there is nothing wrong with pain medication. I have seen women scream bloody murder and hate every second of labor - animal-like and then seen women touching the crowning head,smiling and watching with mirrors as their baby is being born. Sometime medication is a good thing. I just hate it that there is so much stigma and judgement associated with anything other than "all natural" that women end up feeling like "less of a woman" or ashamed. Not all births are perfect - we all just do the best we can - it is soooo individual! We need to stop judging each other! Boy, did I go on a tangent - sorry.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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