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Let's see- with my ds i walked alot, got in the shower and tub numerous times, I ate some food and drank to have some energy, used the birthing ball, stool and squatted a bunch. I think I did every position except only a few minutes on hands and knees. I had music I like playing and that helped. I also moaned in a very low pitch and it was great. High pitch squeals freak me out, so I tried to keep it low.
This time I am going to go to the birthing center as late in the game as possible. I want to spend some more time on hands and knees. More massage from my doula. I will definitely do the music again, as well as the changing of positions. I will eat again, but probably not cherries like last time ( it looked like blood when I threw it up and the midwife, my dh and I were scared until we figured out it was the cherries!! )
- Kerri
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