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Well..seems whatever I plan usually goes out the window but for this time I'm hoping to stay home longer than before. I've had to be induced a few times so who knows? I'm planning on the jacuzzi and now they have those telemetric monitors (bout time) so maybe I can get up and run around a bit more. In the past I've had to be monitored constantly, cuz first was a c-section. Which means staying on the bed (read medieval torture lol). So, I'm hoping to go into labor by myself, labor at home as long as I can and then get to the hospital and deliver. With my last one they started pit and within an hour he was delievered.. too fast for me! I had prelabor the night before so I was already 4cm so it didn't take much.

Being a down's baby and all they plan on monitoring everything, * me nuts* and specialists up the wazoo after. *sigh* hope to enjoy it all the same. If I end up induced I'll probably do the pain meds because I'm sorry but pitocin makes you sure you're dying. More than I care for.

Take care, Kitty
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