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what makes a diaper hyena?

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I've been cloth diapering my baby for six months now, but only came across the concept of hyena diapers a couple of weeks ago. So tell me: what makes a diaper a hyena diaper? And, in terms of how well they function as diapers, are they really worth the money, not to mention the time spent stalking them? Or are you really paying for the cuteness factor?

Just curious. I was looking at the used BBB on eBay that is currently going for $100 (!) and wondering if it could really, truly be worth that much, compared to buying a $12 BJ Marketplace soaker. I've been pretty happy with my FBs and MEs until now, but all the excitement on this board is making me wonder if I'm missing out on something.
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I'm curious too...
There are a few factors that make a Hyena product... quality of work and materials, cuteness, sometimes trimness or a unique and effective design.....
but there are some that I just haven't quite figured out WHY they are hyena bait.. sometimes it just seems like charging an insane amount for yhour product and throwing a lil dye on it makes it Hyena.
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The few Hyena things I've tried are worth it to me. I haven't tried a BBB, but I
my MM soaker. It's the best fit ever, and it's super soft. IMO, it doesn't even compare to our BJM longies. They're not as soft at all, and the fit's not as good. That's what works for my wee one though. You could try a MM, and it might not work for you. For example - fluffymail dipes - great for my dd, not so great for my ds. If he needs diesp, it's not worth it to me to stalk for one.

Some of the hyena-ness (is that a word?) is the cuteness factor, but it's not all of it. IMO, the cutest diaper ever wouldn't last as a hyena if they fit, quaility, customer service, etc was lacking.
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Thanks--just what I was looking for!
6 to 12 each of every single brand of diaper in existance. That is a bonified and certified hyena. :LOL

It is the consummer who makes the diapers hyena. If someone goes bonkers over something and then a few more the diapers suddenly become hard to get.
I am also new to CD, have been at it for less than a week (loving it!) but what I really want to know is what "hyena" means. I have a good idea of what it entails or stands for, but what is the definition? I think I get the picture - hard to find, expensive (comparatively), well-made or possibly even custom...

But what is the definition of hyena? Is it the WAHM or the diaper, or the scavenger looking so hard for them?
A "hyena" is the person doing the diaper hunting and buying.

I think a diaper goes "hyena" when demand exceeds supply.
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