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What makes YOU fabulous?

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I posted this post in TAO, but I think, especially as single mamas, we should make sure to be "tooting our horns" a daily ritual.


While working with a group of middle/high school girls recently, I asked them all "What make YOU fabulous?"

The girls hemmed and hawed talking about their mother, father, boyfriend, friends, etc who had said they were this or that.

So, I redirected the question...what about what YOU think about yourself? After about 10 minutes, one girl piped up and said, "I guess I am pretty smart and I work really hard." Then, others began to follow. Hallelujah!

This makes me sad. We, particularly women, need to be "tooting our own horns" more often.

Therefore, tell me...what makes YOU fabulous?
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I'm strong and independant. I can fix my own car, and do all my own home repairs. I'm a good mama, even if I do yell lots. I'm an awesome friend and my friends know how much I love them. I keep my house clean, and it always looks nice. I'm super hot! woo..

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Thanks for replying, nym! It reminded me that I didn't even answer my own question:

I am intelligent with great commonsense.

I am a great mommy that always tries her best to be better!

I am a fabulous, passionate teacher who hope to change the classroom at a time.

I am reflective and aware of my flaws and strive to always be a better person.

I am strong, crazy independent and just love being me.
This is great

I can dance like there is no tommorow, plus am finding a talent for choreography.

I am calm and centered (now) and strive to be like that all of the time.

I am a good and loyal friend.

I am very diplomatic, I try to help people get their needs met.

I am an AWESOME mama.

I could go onnnnn.....

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I am a very hard worker
I'm very loyal to my frineds and family
In crises situations - I'm able to go right to details and doing what needs to be done (then I fall apart later) - but it's helped me stay several steps ahead of stbx in this process.
like someone else said - intelligent with good commonsense.
I'm a good mom - not a perfect one - I do yell sometimes - but I'm doing the best job I can and I truly love my kids.
I care deeply about the world we're borrowing from our children, and I do what I can to make it better;

I feel genuine empathy for people;

I am smart;

When I dance, I feel really connected to the universe (like my body isn't dense physical matter, but fluid motion weaving the love and the light - really hard to capture in words);

I am able to connect with women from other cultures to help empower them and gain freedom from their abusers (that's my job - I work with battered immigrants, and it's a hard job, but I'm good at it);

I sing my heart out.

It's true, we need to be our own cheerleaders.

I love you all.
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Originally Posted by estrella View Post
I care deeply about the world we're borrowing from our children, and I do what I can to make it better;

I like that attitude estrella
we are "renting" the world we live in and I consider myself a good tenant

I can cook and make most of our meals from the vegies I pick from our garden

I'm a "good sort" according to my neighbour

I'm a good mum and I can have fun with my kids,

I am kind, honest, trustworthy

I am strong physically and getting there emotionally
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I am a strong advocate for my children.

I am focused.

I am a die-hard friend and will go to the mat for you.

I am a loving sister and daughter.

I am a friend to animals.
Can I just say how happy it makes me to see us doing this. I've got this big goofy grin on my face and as I was reading them I was saying "That's right... you go Girl!"

OK... my turn

~I am smart and a great student
~I am a fantastic Mommy who strives every single day to make this world the best it can be for my boy and all of the other children on it
~I am pretty
~I am a good friend, kind and compassionate
~I have overcome great hurdles in my lifetime, especially in the last two years, and at this moment, when it all seems so far in the past... I am grateful for what I went through because I am strong and solid because of it

And... I didn't think I'd ever be able to say this after the past two years and the toll they took on me... but...

I love myself. I'm pretty darn good just the way I am!

WOW... that was so healing... thank you OP for posting this!
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Thanks for posting this!

I can take care of two kids by myself 100% of the time and do a dam good job at it without complaining about not having a man to relieve me at the end of the day (a little pet peive of mine on other boards

i am pretty

I am intelligent (except when it came to my ex, lol)

I try really hard to be a good friend

I am a good ex LOL

I try to be the best mom that my children deserve and a strong female role model for my son and daughter
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Lovely mamas, you are all awesome

I am very observant and remember well

I love my children and want what is best for them

I can take care of myself !!!

I love to enjoy the pleasures life has to offer

I am a good listener

I tend to love unconditionally
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I'm definately not in a place where i could say any of those things of myself, never mind own them. I can't think of anything on my own either, besides the fact that i really do work VERY hard to make this a good life for my DS, even if i'm failing at it.

Thank you all for posting though. Maybe one day i'll be in a place where i can come back here and make my own list. I needed the inspiration!
Why am I FABULOUS? Well, let me share...

I'm hot. (I mean, really. I'm HOT.)

I am funny. I even have a great laugh.

I see the beauty in everyday things.

I love my life.

I am appreciative.

I have high standards and expectations.

I believe everyone is capable of greatness.

I love the Earth and act like it, too.

I support my kids' abilities to think for themselves and follow their own dreams.

I follow MY dreams.

I'm a great friend.
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awesome thread!!

let's see..

I have a genuine understanding of human nature and show genuine empathy and compassion for others.

I am extremely creative and bring that energy into every area of my life.

I am not afraid to "live" and make my life abundant and fantastic.

I am one fantastic mother.

I am very honest but kind. I do not put on a front.

I see the world with a genuine simplicity and yearn to always grow and learn.

I am a gifted writer and poet.

I bring beauty and calm to my surroundings.

I can garden like there's no tomorrow.

I am blessed with a strong intelliegence and a loving, gentle spirit.

wow..that was soooo healing!!
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Omigod....I can't believe I'm at a point in my life when I can write this stuff and KNOW it too.......

I have a deep soul intelligence and strong, powerful intuition

I am a passionate teacher, a lover of books and poetry and a writer.

I'm a great friend and can build community anywhere

I'm a wonderful honest mother and daughter and sister

I know my boundaries (now)

I'm a great athlete, hiker, camper, swimmer, cook and biker

I have a FABULOUS deep-hearted belly laugh that's loud and raucous and joyful

I'm facing the beast of my fear head-on every day, and I'm determined to live my own life fully and from the heart .

And lastly, I'm actually beginning to feel sexy and desirable again! Been a long, long time

Wow! Thanks for this thread!!!
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I'm indepenant and strong
I am the master of my own destiny and take responsibility for my life
My creativity knows no bounds
Problems are not brick walls, just obstacles to get around
I'm a great mama
I have a huge heart
Plants and animals are on my list of friends
I love life and am grateful

Originally Posted by ButterflyStarburst View Post

I'm definately not in a place where i could say any of those things of myself, never mind own them.
One thought came to my mind when I read your post... Maybe try to start by finding that place in your dreams. Before you go to sleep, say positive affirmations to yourself. Also, leave a glass of water near your bedside and ask that it absorb all of the loving guidance of your dreams throughout the night. Upon waking, drink the water. Try to remember as much about your dreams as you can. Over time you will begin to gain that clarity that modern daily living has obscured.

Loving you...
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this thread!

What makes me fabulous?

-I'm a good solid friend, true blue to the end.
-I can 95% see the positive side of negative situations, or at least trust there is one.
-I'm a damn good Mama.
-My singing voice is amazing and strong. (I got that from my Mom
-I'm a good cook.
-I can type fast.
-I have a green thumb.
-I'm funny (some might say goofy, but I'm proud of that too).
-I'm a excellent listener.
-I'm chubby and still real cute.
-I have excellent people skills.
-I'm creative and good with my hands.
-I'm intelligent (It's taken me a long time to be able to say that, and believe it).
-I'm stronger than I know.
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Originally Posted by trinity6232000 View Post
this thread!

Me too! How completely wonderful!

I am fabulous because....

I have a fantastic vocabulary and I use it well.

I rock my luscious mama curves. I'm sexy and I know it and I love it.

I make good choices surrounding my daughter's physical, emotional and mental health. I have established, cultivated and maintain a peaceful, stable and happy life for her. I am a good mama.

I am good at making new friends and I make excellent choices about who I choose to be friends with. The people you chose to have in to your life are a reflection of you and I am surrounded by fun, intelligent, conscious, kind, loving people.

I am becomming a really good knitter.

I'm very self aware and always willing to improve and ready to grow.

I have gorgeous long hair.

I am so capable, strong, competent and self-sufficient I blow my own mind!
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