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What name do you like best?

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Ok, I recently posted about using 2 MN's instead of just 1. I'm choosing to go w/ Rose if we decide to definitely go w/ 2 mn's. I'm having a hard time deciding which name to go w/ and already pretty much decided to wait until the baby is born, if it's a girl, then see what she looks like the most. Which name "suits" her. But now ANOTHER name came to me the other day and I can't seem to get it out of my head. I love opinions so, WDYT is the best name??

Ada Lenore --(this has been the name we picked out originally..Lenore is to honor my gramma, it's her mn and noone in our entire family has used it thus far.)

Ada Rose Lenore --(started thinking about using 2 mn's...Rose would be honoring DH's mother. My DD has 2 mn's.)

Selah Rose --(Selah came to me the other day. I've never heard it before. I pronounce it like sel-ah..not see-lah or say-lah. It's hebrew and has to do w/ music. I think like a musical pause or something..not too sure. But I thought it sounded beautiful w/ Rose.)

So, which one sounds the best??
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Ada Rose Lenore is the one I like the best, simply because I like the idea of having a more mainstream name for the kid to fall back on and it sounds best. Two middle names isn't that uncommon, my brother has two.

Ada Lenore won't fit until she's 75

Selah Rose would be mispronounced a lot unless you changed the spelling to reflect how you'd like it said. I read it C-la or See-La on Selah and don't see Sel-ah rolling on many peoples tougues very easily.
I like Ada Rose Lenore. We have unusual first names and usual middle names for the reason already mentioned. (My dh's brother's name is Julian Micheal. When he was 3, they moved to a French-speaking country for 8 years, and apparently Julian is considered a feminine name so he started going by Micheal, and still does now. We probably wouldn't have thought about it otherwise.)

I like Selah Lenore as well, I would at first glance pronounce it as you said. You could also go with Selah Rose Lenore, I think.
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