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What next...treatment for Eczema & Yeast

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Hi All

I need some direction please
I've sorta read and researched many ways of naturally healing Eczema & Yeast...but never actually done any of them

When I read long-winded reports and stats I get kinda
What I need is straight-up, this is what you need to go and buy/do.

Here's the diagnosis:

-6yo dd has a pretty extreme case of Yeast around her anus/bum and yoni. She doesn't complain too much thank goodness, but it needs to be dealt with.

-I have some eczema patches on my upper eyelids...kinda weird as I've had eczema before but never on my eyes

We both went to my doctor yesterday, more so to confirm what I was already pretty sure we had. He, of course, tried to prescribe a few rx's for us but I politely declined
He assured me there is no cause for eczema, only ways to treat and keep it at bay.....I have heard quite the opposite in terms of causes for it~~~~dairy can be a contributing factor right? (I have always been a huge dairy consumer and haven't had eczema issues for years)

Thank Mamma's, I anticipate and appreciate your helpful suggestions

** Sorry if these questions are repetative...I'm sure lot's of Mammas have asked similar ones before
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I actually think we just cured ds eczema. We started Mon and by Weds he was clear and today looks absolutely perfect.
We had him tested for yeast and his was totally out of control.
He's getting:
MSM internally and topically
--both of these are anti-inflammatories

l beta glucan for immune support
fish oil
grapefruit seed extract

And, he's on totally strict rigid diet for 4 weeks.

GOOD luck--it's so debilitating.
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He's partially right. There is no particular "cause" for eczema (it's genetics, autoimmune, whatever), but there are definitely things that trigger flare-ups. We've been doing a TON of research on it recently because our 5 month old has it pretty bad on his face and mildly on the rest of his body.

For your eyelids, you need to constantly moisturize. That's the key. Eucerin or Aquaphor or Aveeno...something that feels good and stays on for a long time (and doesn't run into your eye, i guess!)

To keep it at bay, take Omegas, especially omega 6. So like a good 3-6-9 capsule, plus a bunch of Evening Primrose Oil. You can also rub the EPO on your eczema patches, though i don't know how that would feel on your eyelids.
We are bf'ing our son, so we take the capsules ourselves and also rub him with EPO.
We take this:
as well as 2 -1300mg capsules of EPO. We rub about 500mg onto the baby.

as far as the yeast is concerned, I know that a good candida diet can clear that up, but I'll let someone else talk about that, as I don't have any personal experience with it.

Oh, and food allergies can definitely cause eczema flare-ups, so you can pay attention to that and see if it's contributing. If it were really bothersome, you could do an allergy elimination diet for the Top 8 allergens, but it doesn't seem like it's that extreme for you, right?
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Personally I've found that stress and what I use on my skin to be the big triggers for my flare ups with eczema. What my kids eat and stress triggers theirs so we just have to stay on top of things. Basically I can not, absolutely not, put conventional soap on my face. It causes the flare up with the eczema on my eyelids, it also causes a flare up with the psoriasis on my face as well. I've just recently started using soap again on the rest of my body, but I found a soap that I like that I want to try and make a home made version. I can not use shampoo on my hair/scalp as it causes the psoriasis on my scalp to flare up and it running across my face will act the same as soap. I do the baking soda and vinegar route for my hair and face. Honey is great for the face as well.

food coloring in food causes my middle kiddo to have eczema flare ups. And dry weather gets everyone in the family flaring up. I have a home made coco butter lotion that I use on all of us as needed and we are just smooth.

I've also found that if there are too many chemicals in the water that bathing will shred my skin.

Eating a lot of healthy fish or getting flax seed into your diet should help too.
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fyi our allergist told us to stay away from aquaphor and eucerin.
actually on that note an old pedi of ours said that his best bet was to go with shortening. He was really old school.

In the winter until I made my home made lotion we used shortening on everyone. It worked better then the OTC lotions.
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Originally Posted by paganmum View Post
actually on that note an old pedi of ours said that his best bet was to go with shortening. He was really old school.

In the winter until I made my home made lotion we used shortening on everyone. It worked better then the OTC lotions.

I've been told the shortening thing by three different doctors now! I need to get a new tub of it for dd.
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Your eyelids sounds like yeast also.

For your dd egg white smeared on and dried might really help.
Two of my dd got yeast on their bum after birth. That what my mw suggested and it worked so well.
Awe, you guys are all so helpful

So, I'm gonna run out and buy some Omega capsules and a huge tub of "grocery store" veggie shortening....then crack and egg and dab the whites on my dd's bum

Does that sound about right?....

( to the pp that mentioned severity, you're right, we totally don't have severe cases here that I think warrant super restrictive diets etc)

This is our first real bonfide flare-up of yeast and eczema, so we'll see what works and go from there
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Please keep eczema posts comin' always~you can just NEVER become exhausted of ideas! LOL! I've not tried the EPO on my 4yos... We find that the Keri Original followed by pure shea butter has been the best for him, however right now he's really flarin' up. We know he has nine food allergies, and I suspect there are more we've missed.... (((((HUGS))))) sandi
None of the creams ever got rid of my eczema, only kept it from getting too dry/itchy (calendula worked well for that and also pure coconut oil). Also taking CLO seemed to help keep it under control.

However, I recently eliminated wheat and my eczema cleared up immediately. I've had it since I was a teenager off and on (I'm 33) and there has never been anything else I could connect as a cause in that way. In doing more research I've found that wheat and dairy are the two biggest offenders for eczema that isn't enviromentally triggered so it might be worth a try for those who haven't found a specific trigger.
my eczema was very much food sensitivities. i was vegetarian and needed to be eating more protein, and when i do i naturally eat less sweet things...which were feeding a yeast problem. i needed to eliminate 20 foods, eat low glycemic for a long time, and use probiotics. i know i need to get more fish oils in my diet. i really like shea butter and virgin coconut oil on my skin, weleda makes some good products as well. i've used homeopathics as well as acupuncture and chinese herbs, but i think the most effective was to get my gut healthier and eliminate the offending foods. i now have only 5 real sensitivities, which is so great! i use an excellent naturopath in vancouver, hal brown. i can't recommend him enough. the food testing for my entire family was done through him...a couple of members of my family had no rashes or anything like my chronic stuff, but found other problems cleared right up as soon as they quit cow dairy and wheat, or whatever was bothering them. actually, corn is horrible for me, i can get away with many other things. my young girl took citricidal for yeast in the past, i just put stevia in with it and mix with orange juice since she could handle that. it still isn't very nice

i had the eyelid thing as a teenager...unfortunately i didn't know anything and put cortisone on them, yikes!! i did think it was very odd, and soon researched alternatives, but it really took quitting vegetarianism (i'm an O) and eating properly to heal.

good luck! one disease = long life.

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I forgot to share about another product called DermaSalve. You can get it here: They are really neat! (((((HUGS))))) sandi
Thanks so much everyone. I know these issues of eczema and yeast are discussed regularily around here.....I just felt a bit overwhelmed at ALL the info and needed some direction
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When it comes to the creams part, I think everybody is sooo different in what works. We felt like we tried everything before figuring out what heps our son. Keep us posted on how you're faring! (((((HUGS))))) sandi
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