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What now?

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My ds was born with a tongue tie that was clipped at three weeks. Now he is almost 7 months old. I finally got the time and enough cooperation from him to check it out. It seems like it gre back. I kind of thought it did months ago but it never seemed an issue with our nursing relationship. It goes to the end of his tongue. You can see the little indentation in the tip. I kind of suspected it had reattached but did not get to confirm it until today. What signs should I be on the lookout for that it is affecting his latch? Since it reaches all the way to the end of his tongue, will it mess with his speech in a big way later(my first is in speech therapy for articulation and my second is speech delayed)? Should I have it redone? It seems to me the way to go but then I am worried that he will have to go through all that again only to have it reattach itself yet again. ANy thoughts on this?
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I have a friend whose son was having speech problems and no one knew what was causing it. He was 5yrs before someone figured it was tongue tie. they clipped it and his speech improved but he has lasting effects from it. This is my only experience with tongue tie so I am certainliy not an expert. Since early speech problems have lasting effects I would certainly consult someone about it if I were in your shoes.

Best of Luck!
It it is affecting his latch you will know. You might get those sore, looks-like-a-new-lipstick nipples. He might get fussy at the breast. He might act hungry after a long feed if he is not moving the milk.

Or he might just accomodate for it, as he is a big boy and knows what he is doing.

If it is a concern for speech development tho, you need to speak to a speech therapist, not us bfers.
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