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What % of your waking hours do you think about CD?

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75%. maybe more since I have had dreams about them. It's just always in the back of my mind.
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Probably 80% since that's what I do. Dh thinks I'm obsessed!
Well, 3 weeks ago 0%. Now, somewhere around 80%. How did this happen?
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Hmm let's see....

I wake up and think about how wet the night time dipe will be.
Then I think about what dipe will fit best (or match
: ) the outfit dd is going to wear that day.
Then I think about what dipes to pack for the babysitter.
Then I go to babysitter and let her know when dipe was last changed (all the while referring to it as the fuzzi bunz or angel wrap etc...)
Then I go to work and I'm so bored here I am logged into MDC the whole 7.5 hours - chatting about diapers, selling diapers, buying diapers
Then I pick up dd at the babysitter and she tells me when the last diaper change was
Then I get home and think about what dipe to put on dd next (repeat about 2-3 times before bed)
Then dd gets a bath and I think about what combination to use for nighttime.
Then dd goes to bed and eventually I do too.
DD wakes up at least once and I think about whether dipe has leaked, needs a change, what combo to use if she does need a change.

So hmmm that probably adds up to 90%!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Close to 100%. Sometimes I can't even hear myself think b/c diaper thoughts are crowding my mind.
And I have dreams about them too LOL
(Mostly about girly pastel AIO's though)
80% is a good guess, cause I'm either changing one, washing them, sewing them or looking at one that is on my kiddo while I play with him. The other 20% is sleeping and sewing clothes
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I'd say 80% during the day and 30% in the evening so let's average it out to 50%.
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Too much....40%-70% depending on the day...I need to get a life.
My thoughts that are totally unrelated to diapering are few and far between. And don't last very long.

What will I do when I don't have a little bum to diaper???

Originally Posted by JennInSeattle

I'd say 80% during the day and 30% in the evening so let's average it out to 50%.

Girl, what kind of math is that???!!!
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I would say 80%. I even dream at night about them. All the ones I miss at stockings too.
Are we talking about on a wash day or not? :LOL
Probably about 75%! Too much...but I am a really good multi-tasker...does that count for something?!
Now I have to ask Cenae...what is everquest? Something good enough to divert the brain from cd?!
75% pretty easily. I wake up thinking about them, go to bed at night thinking about them, and think about them in my sleep. Luckily I've got 2 in dipes so I get to wash a lot too. And today is a wool washing day so I'm feeling pretty "granolaish." (Is that a word?)
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