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What on earth to do with myself to pass the time???

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I so feel for any mama on bedrest. I still have 2 1/2 weeks to my due date let alone delivery. I have everything ready for the baby, the car seat is even installed in the car. What to do with myself so I am not so bored??? I have a 3 year old and I would love to take her to the park or zoo or something, but I can barely move!!! LOL Agh. The house is clean, the laundry is caught up (yes, some serious nesting has occured). I was thinking of working on birth announcements but dh is making them on the computer. I am still really sick and can't get around too much, but sitting on the laptop is not helping me pass the time. We watched movies all weekend. I am trying to play with dd since these are our last few weeks with just the two of us, but I can hardly get around. Well, I guess I just have to MAKE my butt move me somewhere. LOL I think I am going to be brave and head out for a lounge chair and a sprinkler so we can hang out in the backyard today.
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why don't you try making some birth art? i have been doing some of that and it is a really great creative outlet, plus you don't have to move around much to do it.

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Originally Posted by NordicMamma
Take up knitting?
LOL I DID take up crochet with my first pg. I think I still have several unfinished projects laying around.

So far, I took a bunch of pics of dd's cloth diapers I need to sell since this is a boy. I figured getting it ready would be good. I am not actually going to sell anything yet though because I don't feel like shipping it. LOL I wish I had tons of money and could go buy a stack of magazines.
You can come to my house and clean my carpets? Organize my back porch?
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I'm a big fan of the nap.

Also, just think, it could be worse, you could be at work.

Originally Posted by Pelgie
Also, just think, it could be worse, you could be at work.
LOL!!! But that at least passes the time!

Dig out those crochet projects! Or get a good book. You could take dd to the library?
I know how you feel. I have those days, too. Just remember that pretty soon you will have much less time to yourself, so use this time to pamper yourself a little.
I've spent a lot of time the past couple of weeks squatting in my garden, pulling weeds while ds plays in his sandbox or rides his tricycle in the back garden. May sound dull, but it's so good for me to squat, and I'm being productive!
I just got off of 2 weeks of bedrest last week so I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!! :LOL

I took up knitting. Passed a lot of time and I made a lot of soakers. I got a simple dress pattern and I was going to sew DD some summer dresses. I am also trying to spend as much time with DD as I can before the new baby comes.

I was going to go to the library too and get a few good books. I also like to do crossword puzzles when I am bored.
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