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What online diet plan do you like?

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I have been considering Weight Watchers but I know there is more out there than that. I am a vegan/vegetarian & need to loose about 30 pounds. What do you suggest?
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I did weight watchers for a few months and liked it ok. I find it easier to think in terms of points than calories. I didn't like the fact that lot of the foods that I eat were not on their search list. I really like for keeping a food log and counting calories. I also like their forum as well as for their forums. I don't think weight watchers is really worth the money. There are a lot of free websites out there.
I like the combo of WW online and the forums at 3FC, lik the PP mentioned.
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Thank you for the tips!
I also wanted to add to the list. It's free and very user friendly.
Hi there. I am not really sure of what you are looking for, but I know of "the Ph miracle " which is a vegan diet that neutralises your body and detoxs you in order for you to loose weight . I did do this diet , but was still bfing, and lost weight too quickly, but also, was not ready to loose and went back to my bad habits!!!

There is an online support group too.

Oh I did it for a couple of weeks and lost 15lbs so quickly. The book is great, so inspiring.

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I also wanted to add to the list. It's free and very user friendly.
I am a HUGE Sparkpeople fan. Their food journal and exercise journals are quite good - I haven't spent much time on their boards but have several friends who have and liked them as well.
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And the great thing about sparkpeople is sparkrecipes, which allows you to plug in the ingredients for your recipes, figure out servings and calories and then use it in your food journal. Its awesome for those of us who cook from scratch a lot and don't know how to figure out the nutritional value of our recipes!
Sparkpeople is really good, a little addictive so far. It's amazing how it is free and can be used in so many ways. I can't believe that it includes a meal plan and the exercises are demonstrated. I have only looked at a few recipes. The one called for "fake" potatoes which is not appealing to me at all so I am hoping there isn't a lot of packaged stuff in the recipes, looking for a little more wholesome stuff. I like how it shows others progress reports too, that is motivating. I have never counted calories before but after one and a half days of doing it not so bad but I am on holidays right now, not so sure I will have the time to do it when I am back at work. We shall see.
Yup. sparks is awesome!! just check my siggie. I have lost 40 lbs but gained back some after my mom died. I am back on track now and plan on losing another 30-40!
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