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Ds loooves to read and can read whole words already, but we are now working on individual letter sounds.

We have a sort of montessori style set up in my sewing room with shelves for him and one set of shelves is montessori activites, and the other set is 'letter of the week' (which doesnt nessisarily last a week).

We did 'Aa' first, and basically used the letter as a starting point for other activites (setting up an ant farm, seeing alligators at the zoo, making apple sauce and doing apple prints, seeing airplanes at the airport.... and a lot more)

Next we did L, b/c ds's name is Levi

The we did V, because of valentines day (and v is also in Levi)

What order should we do the rest of the letters? Right now we are not really working on writing them (Levi is only 2.5, and not coordinated enough to go beyond tracing so far I dont think? He can cut with sissors very accuratly!), so teaching them in the order of 'ease of writing' isnt important.

I also want to do the vowels as long and short (we did short A for example, but will do long A at another time), AND I want to do blends like 'th', 'sh' etc. And possibly ending sounds like 'ed' and 'x'.

Another thing is, we are also just starting the '100 easy lessons' book. He knows most of his letter sounds, so starting with mmmmm in that book, doesnt seem to be an issue for him even though we havent 'done the letter m' yet.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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