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What passes into breastmilk?

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Do growth hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides found in food that I eat pass into my breastmilk?

I am very conscious of what I feed my dd to avoid as much of the above as possible. However, when it comes to me, I usually don't spend the extra cash for the more pristine food. It just occurred to me to wonder whether my dd would get this stuff through my breastmilk.

What does everyone think?

(Not sure where to post this so I am cross-posting.)
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I know that pesticides and heavy metals pass into breastmilk. So do food dyes, MSG, and preservatives like TBHQ, BHA, BHT....
Everything you eat passes into breastmilk. I'm a little foggy brained right now (just had a baby last week;-) but there was a fairly recent "warning" about pesticides in breastmilk. Actually, as the media likes to do-more of a scare tactic to warn parents of the danger of pesticides. Not suprising that they didn't mention the dangers of artificial baby milk in the media...

So, even if you ate a normal American diet your baby is still better off than the alternative.
A really good book that gets into this topic is Having Faith: An Ecologists Guide to Motherhood, I borrowed it from my library last summer and loved it.
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