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What percentage of your stash is WAHM stuff?

  • None.

    Votes: 4 4.2%
  • 20% or less.

    Votes: 4 4.2%
  • 20-40%

    Votes: 5 5.3%
  • 40-60%

    Votes: 14 14.7%
  • 60-80%

    Votes: 11 11.6%
  • 80-99%

    Votes: 36 37.9%
  • 100%

    Votes: 21 22.1%

What percentage of your stash is WAHM stuff?

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Mine is 75% WAHM stuff. The other 25% is CPFs and Bumpy wool (and I couldn't live without 'em!). I know there's been a lot of talk about this, so I'm curious to see how the board breaks down. No judgements, though!
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100% of my covers are wahm made
75% of our dipes are wahm made, 25% = cpf, sandys, and meos
Fuzzi Bunz are WAHM, right?

I've bought about 99% of my dipes and stuff from WAHMs or made it myself and at least 80% of what I own is WAHM.
80-99% The only non-WAHM stuff I can think of are 8 plain cpf's. Even the rest of my cpf's (the other 2-3 dozen) are WAHM dyed! :LOL

Oh wait! I have one ME Sandy's.
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most of my stash for the boys is Fuzzi Bunz with an Ella's, Be-Bos and a VK here and there.

For the new baby it's so far all WAHM.
100% of the dipes I use regularly are WAHM. I have some pre-folds (Gerber) and Especially Babies covers (BRU) that I could use in an unlikely emergency.
I was seriously struggling to figure out a percentage. Not that i have a huge stash...I just suck that much at math. All my covers are wahm. Dipes are 60/40 wahm fitteds and cpfs. All wahm pockets (is there any other kind?
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I answered 100% even though half of my FB are WAHD made.

MSMom, we must be doubles. I would also say 75%, cpf's and wool bumpys being the must haves for both kiddos. I could just use those if I had to.
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Well I just realized I voted wrong! I said 100% but I have 1 Stacinator wool cover so I guess that makes is in the 90s.

Everything else is WAHM made though:

El Bee
7th Heaven
Kiwi Pie (coming in the mail -- SO excited)

and lots of others..... I love WAHMS, they use the stuff themselves so they make changes and improve things so that they continue to work better and be cuter. Whereas most commercial stuff isnt improved like that.
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I think this is a hard question to answer. I have lots of wahm stuff, but they usually didn't come from the wahm sitting behind her sewing machine. Sometimes it came from the wahm that does resales, sometimes it came used off the tp. Does that stuff still count? Some of my "mainstream" cloth diapers came the same route. I would say 90% of Angelo's fitteds and aios are wahm, but the covers are only a few wahm. Emilio's stash is primarily BBH and a few random wahm.
I voted 20-40%, Since I've learned to sew my own fitteds and pockets I've been selling off most of my WAHM stuff.

I've loved sampling these diapers but I find that having a simple stash of prefolds, homemade diapers, MEOS, and just a few beloved WAHM items makes laundry day much easier. Matching doulbers and washing wool was just taking up too much of my time. My dd is really hard to fit and I'm just tired of the whole diaper buying selling game, it started to be work instead of fun.

I'd love to have more of my WAHM favorites but one type is no longer being made and the other type has arvied with quality problems one too many times.
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100% of my stash EXCEPT my prefolds are WAHM, but of course they were purchased THROUGH a WAHM so I guess they are kinda WAHM right? LOL

Originally Posted by Max's Mami
Well I just realized I voted wrong! I said 100% but I have 1 Stacinator wool cover so I guess that makes is in the 90s.

Stacinator is WAHM! It's as WAHM FBs are.

All of mine is except for 1 Aristocrat and my 2 doz prefolds which were also purchased through a WAHM.

I love WAHMs!!!
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100% of my wool soakers & covers are WAHM made
Diapers probably 50% because I have 1/2 fitteds & 1/2 prefolds
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I did 60-80% but I think it's more. I mostly only buy wahm dipes, in fact I can't think of any non-wahm purchases that I've made since before Kesi arrived.
nak I voted 50 percent.
At least 90%. Maybe more, but I'm not considering FB's WAHM anymore.
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