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What "rules" do you have for yourself?

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I just spent a few minutes shuffling clothes around. I had an armful of clothes to be donated and realized that I already have 5 garbage bags of clothes to donate in my bedroom, livingroom and dd's closet and probably 10 more between the attic and the garage!

My new rule, is that I will not go to into a thrift store again unless I bring at least 1 full garbage bag as "admission".

Do you have some "rules"?
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If I haven't used it in the past 6 months and have no definite plans for using it in the next 6 months its gone.

On that note I am forever purging DH's junk. He still has like 4 big totes of misc stuff from college.
If it no longer fits, has a stain, or is not flattering, it's history.
I can only go to the thrift store if I have something specific to look for and I can't buy anything unless I also buy that item.

Oooo, I also do Adapie's rule. Took a ridiculously long time for me to start that one though.
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If every time I put on a certain article of clothing, I end up either changing out of it rapidly or adjusting it all day, it goes.
If I buy something, I have to get rid of something in like. Ie: if I buy a new shirt, I have to get rid of one. I usually do more. In fact, when I had closets full of clothes, I made myself get rid of five articles for each one bought. Also, if I try on something and it doesn't fit, it's out. That's not happening so much right now, because I just had a baby and my body isn't quite done changing, but once I'm through this stage, I'll start it again.
if i finish a project (knitting) and have left over materials--if i don't have a project in mind to use it up and anyone asks for it i have to give it away, immediately--even to a child who will mess it up and throw it away because they need it more. i also have to announce the availability of the materials to girl/boy scout groups and homeschoolers, any and every chance i get. also every time i teach someone to knit i have to give them a skein of my yarn to practice on.
Clean for 15 minutes as soon as I come in the door from work. (Use a timer)

Nothing left out or on the floor when leaving the house or when going to bed at night - always come home and wake up to a tidy house.

Clear out all magazines and catalogs one day a month - don't "collect" any old back issues. People bury themselves under old catalogs and magazines! (I do clip anything I want to save and keep in a notebook).

Clean out fridge and pantry once a week before going to grocery.
Try to pick up every night before bed.

Try to pick up daily before I leave the house.

Clean up right after a meal before I do anything else.

Try to purge my closet every 3-4 months of items I have not worn.

Clip anything that I like out of magazines and put into my binder of clipings. Then recycle mag.

I have a household desk binder that keeps all "need to keep" out papers that can not be filed (rebate to file in 2 months, medical bills waiting to process, sign up sheet not yet due, reminder schedule for son's preschool etc). Plastic sleeves keep everything organized into category. I keep everything in it including postal recepits for ebay mailing, postage stamps, household info.

Kids room is picked up every night.

If something needs it then. it will only get worse if you wait.

Exercise as early as I can in the day as I will likely find an excuse the later I put it off.
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I've stopped buying things "because they're a good deal." Thats an unacceptable only reason to buy something- though a great perk if I'm looking for XYZ in the first place :p

I keep a list of things that need to be done. I break each large task into small ones (instead of the generic "clean kitchen", I get more done if I can cross off small bits like "load dishwasher", "clean sink", "wipe down counters") I also won't procrastinate as long on doing chores if I know I can do two or three small things and still cross things off my list.

I clean and cut as much produce as I can when it is purchased- makes food prep faster and I'm less likely to claim I'm not in the mood to cook if all I need to do is dump a few containers of vegetables into the pasta, and toss together things for the salad instead of washing, slicing and chopping.

I make a list of meals we will be eating over the next week. I juggle them to allow for DH to take leftovers to work, and for (rapidly) perishable items to be used on consecutive nights so we reduce waste. Then I make a groccery list based on the list and don't buy things based on random inspiration at the store (Random inspirations spurred by seeing one ingredient will still be there next week when I can think out what we'll need and how it will fit in with other ingredients better.).

I give myself a few choices of active things to do. Once upona time , my only option seemed to be to get dressed, look respectable and go for a walk. Investing ina few yoga DVDs and some other planned routines ensures that I actually do move my lazy butt for a little while each day (and I don't dread going outside in the rain for a walk
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Deal with the mail as soon as it comes...Otherwise I have a week's worth of mail piled up and don't feel like dealing with it
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I have the paper recycling bag right next to the mail inbox. When the mail comes, all circulars, advertisements, creditcard offers, refinance home mortgage ads, envelopes and fillers from bills - they all go in the recycling bag asap. only bills to be paid stay in the mail inbox. stuff to file goes in the filing basket in my office. Magazines go in the magazine rack - and if the magazine rack is full, I pull out a handful of the oldest ones and stick them in the recycling bag - I figure if they haven't been read by now, they won't ever get read, and most magazines have online archives anyway.

^^^^I always tear up my credit card offers...Identity theft scares me!!!!!!!
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