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what sewing machine is good for a beginner

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hi all,
i want to start sewing things and i am wondering what kind (brand) sewing machine i should get. i want to be able to make like dresses and pillows and stuff for kaylee. i went to walmart and looked. but i dont know which one i would need. what do u all have. and what brand would u suggest for a beginner and what features. and where did u buy it. how much did it cost u. I am illeterate to sewing so any suggestions would be helpful.
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I TOTALLY say a used/older Singer. Pre-60's even are better, since they are made with metal gears. The plastic ones tend to break. Anyway, you can usually pick them up for a mere fraction of what they are worth in the quality they give you. If you buy a new cheaper one you might end up frustrated since they don't run so smooth and can break. You really aren't going to get much in the way of good quality unless you spend close to a grand, in my opinion. (Others may disagree - ? )
We had an old singer (30 yrs old) and I think I killed it when I made all kinds of things for baby. Not to mention Mei Tais. The guy at the shop said the metal gears were stripped and the parts are not available anymore so we had to get rid of it. How sad

So, my mom got this cool Huskystar 224 and it is great. It costs a lot of money so I don't think you need to spend that much, but it might be worth getting a newer model. If something breaks, you will be able to find parts easily. Plus, the store will usually service it for 1 year included in the price. Getting a good machine at first might be a lot to shell out when it seems like you won't know how to use it, but a good machine will be easier to use (I used to get SOOO MAD when trying to use our old junky one). At Joanns the people at the sewing place give you a 1 hour lesson for free so you can pick up some tips there.

Hope you find something that works for you!
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Do NOT get a new singer, The new ones are horrible!

Mabye a Husqvarna Viking? Those are pretty solid and nifty. Babylock also makes good sewing machines (be sure to get a real one, Babylock has a licensed type that are made by a different company to be sold in fabric shops and they are NOT the same thing.. A real Babylock should be made in Japan)

What is your budget?
Definitely DON'T buy a basic Brother from Wal-Mart.
You will be frustrated and it won't last long!
I went through 2 brother machines in my first year of sewing. Now I have a Janome from Sears that I am very pleased with. It was nowhere near a grand...I think the retail was $250 something, but I got a GREAT deal on a return without the box and it didn't cost me much more than the cheopo brother machines. It has a needle threader and automatic buttonholer, which are SO nice, and has a 3 year service contract. I have been sewing on it since November w no trouble at all...
I'm new to sewing and spent a long time (3 months or so) looking around for a machine. I ended up going with a Bernette (by Bernina) 55 for $220. I was going to buy the 80e, but since I am a beginner, spending 450 in a machine didn't seem right. :LOL

Anyways, I love my Bernette! Its wonderful and has a 25 year warranty. It has all the stitches I need and sews quite well.
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