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What shift would you take?

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NM, got it figured out. we are just going to take off Sat before thankgiving and come back that Wed and just miss thanksgiving altogether so I'm taking wed, thur, and fri

Currently I have been working friday double, sat ans sun overnight since may. Right now I have to change my schedule since I am the manager. I can only work 1 ovn so I have to work 3 evening shifts and I want to pair that with a double.

i can either take mon, wed, fri even and 1 of those be ovn

wed thur fri, one ovn

I would like to do either sun, mon and tue or mon tue or wed but if I do that I will be bumping this one chic off either her sun eve and or tue and she absolutely asked me not to take her shifts. they can find her other shifts to work but I really rather not make enemies at work and she is a single mom.

I need to have thanksgiving off for a few days in a row. it's been planned for a year that we will go up to chicago for thankgiving since his dad is driving there from virgina too. other than his mom none of his family have met me or the baby so it's a pretty big deal. I would like to have the 3 days in a row but I'm afraid if I take wed, thur and fri that I won't be able to get coverage to go. I work in a home so we have to staff the house for thankgiving and since it falls on my shift I would have to find someone to work it. but at the same time I don't want to take a less desirable shift for a vacation 3 months away either.
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