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My friend has a 7 mos old little girl...she is so cute but her mommy is concerned about her development.<br><br>
She is not sitting up at all...she topples right over and doesn't seem real close to sitting yet either.<br><br>
She rolls from front to back but not back to front<br><br>
She doesn't reach for toys or grasp things yet...she does clasp her hands fact they are always clasped...she rarely unclasps them.<br><br>
She does babble and laugh and is very pleasant and happy...she sleeps well.<br><br>
She will stand on her legs when you hold her up..she doesn't bounce though.<br><br>
mommy mentioned she was getting concerned..I think I would be too but I am not sure what is in the normal range...she did have seizures as a newborn and was on phenol barbitol for a few months...she is off it now...she is also seizure free...for a few months.<br><br>

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From my experience, babes develop at drastically different rates. For instance, my SIL's son didn't crawl until 9 mos., but crawled at 10. Some don't walk until well after their first bday.<br><br>
I think it's normal to be concerned. I know I would be, even though I know how diverse development patterns are.<br><br>
That said, I know zip about the medication and condition you described. Perhaps mamas with specific experience will chime in.
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