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My friend has a 7 mos old little girl...she is so cute but her mommy is concerned about her development.

She is not sitting up at all...she topples right over and doesn't seem real close to sitting yet either.

She rolls from front to back but not back to front

She doesn't reach for toys or grasp things yet...she does clasp her hands fact they are always clasped...she rarely unclasps them.

She does babble and laugh and is very pleasant and happy...she sleeps well.

She will stand on her legs when you hold her up..she doesn't bounce though.

mommy mentioned she was getting concerned..I think I would be too but I am not sure what is in the normal range...she did have seizures as a newborn and was on phenol barbitol for a few months...she is off it now...she is also seizure free...for a few months.

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