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What should every family have in their medicine cabinet?

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I have a dd who is 11 mos and I have mama's milk
, nose drops and infant tylenol in the "cabinet." We used the nose drops when she was 1 mos and had a stuffed nose (before I learned what you can do with your mama's milk) and I've used the tylenol once when she had a fever at 10 mos.

What else should I have on hand - conventional or homeopathic?

Thank you!
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I have several of the "herbs for kids" chamomile, echinachea, and a few others. I also have a lot of hylands: calming, teething, et. al. I have several boiron for eye discharge, sleeplessness, nausea, alergy and some others I cant' think of right now. We've got arnica, tiger balm, aloe gel, witch hazel, after bite, burts bees diaper rash cream, coconut oil, lansinoh (good for more than sore bb's), and as symptoms arise, we go to the hfs or whole foods. I'd like to get a great starter kit soon.
Hylands teething tablets are the best!! I use them for sore throats in my dd too!!

I also love B&T's Alpha CF for colds and flu...
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