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What should her diet be like now?

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My 11 month old LOVES to nurse. And I have no problem with it continuing on for a while longer. But I know that it's commonplace with many other kids at 1 year to eat strictly table foods and snacks and milk. But what should my baby's diet be like if I continue to nurse? She eats maybe one meal a day that is solid food with water to drink but it's usually not enough to replace a nursing. Should I start pushing solids more now that she's almost a year old (June 26)? When I have done this in the past, she shows very little interest in eating what I'm giving her at the table. Or should I just not worry about it and let her go at her own pace? Should breastmilk still be her primary food with table food as a snack? Or should table foods be her primary foods with breastmilk just to get her to sleep? Thanks!
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yes, breastmilk should still be baby's primary source of nutrition (formula fed babies usually need solids earlier). There isn't a magical change that suddenly happens at one year. Follow your child's lead, when she starts to want more in the way of solids, she will let you know it.
Just make the food available so she can have it if she wants it. There's no rush and no need to worry.
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I agree. Breastmilk should still be the primary source of nutrition.
I really had a hard time with this myself at the time. I eventually realized that my child knew what she wanted to eat, and is probably smarter than I am about that. I looked at her and realized that at 1 year she didn't have a full set of teeth to eat a full range of foods to switch to primarily solids. So why should I try to go against nature? I agree with the other posters, offer her foods whenever you have a meal, some nice bits off your plate should be good, and let her set the pace. My dd loved fresh summer fruit at that age.
But at almost 2, she still nurses a number of times a day, even though she now has added a full range of foods and eats 3 meals and 1-2 snacks, each day.
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Thanks everyone for the comments. I guess it's just common sense. I have no intentions of weaning her any time soon. And as frequently as she nurses (every 2 hours or so), I know she has no intentions of weaning herself either. Table food seems like such a hassle anyway. It's so easy to nurse and whatever's easy works for us! Thanks.
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