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What should I be worried about?

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This has been a really odd pregnancy and one of my friends keeps worrying about me, but I don't feel apprehensive and she won't be specific about why SHE thinks I should be.

I tested + at 10dpo. At 16dpo I started spotting. Over the next three days I bled a lot. PMS crampy feelings, 'stuff' like AF has, and rather ew-blood. After three days I went back to spotting and test +, still at 20dpo. I had one day of no spotting, then we had sex and I've been spotting since. At 26dpo I still have slight spotting and a +.

What is going on with my body???? I feel pregnant, that's for sure.

I do not have a doctor, yet. It's a pretty involved process to get one.

I don't think there's anything that could be done if I were m/c, which is what I assumed was happening when the heavy bleeding started. I don't know what else I am supposed to worry over and look for symptoms of. ?????????

Is this just what a body does when it's 35yo and pregnant???
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I'd stop having sex for a bit just so the bleeding slows down. Some women are just bleeders. It could also be hormonal. It is true that if you are miscarrying there is nothng that can be done, so no use worrying. Just take it easy and get lots of rest.
One thing I've learned is that the pregnancy test will continue to show + as long as there is hcg in your blood. In the case of a mc, those levels drop off very slowly -- as do pregnancy symptoms. This is all simply to say that neither symptoms nor pregnancy tests can really tell you at this point if you have a healthy pregnancy. The best answer will come either from an ultrasound or from doing at least comparison hcg tests (to find out if the levels are increasing or decreasing) -- both require doctor visits. If you can't do Dr. visits, waiting will certainly provide an answer eventually. It just depends on how you feel about the pregnant/not pregnant roller coaster. Fingers crossed for you!
remember too that some women don't know they're pregnant because they think the spotting is their period.

I would get it checked out though--go to the ER even. I think molar and eptopic are involved with heavy bleeding and you DON'T want to miss knowing you have those...can be very dangerous. I think if you have any heavy cramping go to the ER

It has just been very light spotting for days now, over a week. not bright red, browish. After the major bleeding ended, the cramping went away, too. So - I figure things are not as bad as an ectopic.

I guess I will just keep taking tests to see if I am still pregnant or not. I thought, only being this far along would have a lower amount of hcg and it would not take as long for it to decline if it were a miscarriage.
How much blood exactly? My last m/c was at 4.5 weeks it started out with light spotting and then 2 days of fairly heaving bleeding (like a heavy period, but not too bad) with small clots in it, then it tapered off.

An early m/c is usually just like a heavy period. But as a pp stated your HGC levels can take a while to drop. It took a few weeks with my first m/c for them to drop and with this last early one it only took about a week for a HPT to go from a super bright positive to a faint one.

It also takes a while for the pregnancy symptoms to disappear.. It especially took forever for my sore boobs to stop being sore. My m/c was on the 1st and my boobs are still sore.

I personally would probably go in and at least have my levels drawn to see if they are going up or down. If that isn't an option then you could just hold out and take another hpt in a few more days. If it was an early m/c your levels should drop rather quickly but that isn't always the case.

I really hope it isn't a m/c! Until you know for sure I would take it easy and avoid sex. I just realized that I had the exact same due date as you too. I hope you go on to have a happy healthy 9mos!

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