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What should I do?

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I have a job interview tomorrow. The interview is for a place that is currently bieng built, so I do not know if there is going to be somewhere private to pump. I want to let them know that I will be needing to do it, but without them thinking that I will be less than productive. My dh will not understand as he thinks if they offer me something great, but cannot pump that I should still take the job, some just dont get it. SOooooo, should I tell them of my needs in the interview and risk not bieng hired or tell them once I am hired(if I am) and have them thinking I tricked them.
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NO!!!!! Don't tell them! You probably won't be having to worry about pumping at work if you do, because you won't be called back for the job.

Trust me.

Listen, there is *always* a bathroom, and bathrooms almost always have at least one electrical outlet for a breast pump. No, it's not the most delightful place in the world, but it's better than nothing.

I would say NOT ONE THING about having a child, and it's illegal of them to ask. REALLY. Don't say a darn thing. I've lost more than one interview (and one of them I flew acrosst he country for my expense) because I mentioned I had a young child. They won't call you back.

Best of luck. I t's not any of their business anyway.
Yeah, unless you have a specific offer of employment at a compensation level that you would consider, there is nothing to discuss anyhow.
you don't mention this at the interview
you mention this your first day at work
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I agree, wait at least until you have offer in hand. In the interview, don't mention anything about your husband, kids, nursing, your house... they are not legally allowed to ask you questions about your marital / family status, homeownership, race, gender, etc. anyway.

When you have the offer in hand, if you don't have flexible break times, mention it then. you need to know if they are at least going to give you the time to pump before you accept. You can also ask then if they have a locked conference room or someplace private you can use for pumping.

GL on the interview!!!!!
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