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So, I don't drive.

I can, physically, but I'm fairly terrified of getting behind the wheel, and we only have one car so it's tricky getting out and about. To be honest, everyone around here drives like they've got somewhere to be RIGHT NOW THANK YOU GET OUT OF MY WAY and I can't deal with it.

I'm thinking of hiring someone to do errands with once a week. I've got a booster seat, and they would "drive" my daughter and I to play dates, the zoo, library, food co-op, and anywhere else we need to go.

We live in kind of an "out there" area, but it's not RURAL, so I'm assuming we'd be driving and out and about from maybe 10-4pm depending on the activity?

The trouble with this, is how much should I pay? When I'm at the zoo for three hours I want to have a small hourly salary I pay, but I decide what's fair. Maybe a flat rate for the day + a bit to cover gas?

HELP ME DECIDE because I'm so bad at these things!

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OK, since no one has responded, I'll try. I live in a moderate COL area and the senior centers charge from $25-$40 for rides. My area has no reliable public transport and I've never seen a taxi, so they're the only game in town. I've never used them so I don't know if they wait around. I would prolly offer $20 flat fee to start b/c I'm cheap, but I don't know what'd they do if they had to wait. Maybe post on Craigslist and hope for a college student?

Good luck, that sounds like a vexing situation to be in! This may or may not help, but I've had some anxiety issues and I bought a ThinkRightNow behavior modification CD and I really think it helped. I would listen to it as I got ready in the morning/at night. It's positive affirmations. I actually have to buy another--I have to fly this summer (agh!!!) and I wore the first CD out.

ETA you can google that company
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