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What should I use to protect the mattress from accidents?

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Okay- so we're finally moving the girls to their own sleep surface in anticipation for the new baby!! I just ordered two pricey organic latex mattresses and need some kind of cover to protect them from night time accidents.

What is the difference between a wool puddle pad, (they are 1/8" thick) and a felted wool blanket I could cut to fit? Is there something special about the puddle pads?

What other non-toxic, no PVC matress covers are you all using?
Having bought these natural and safe mattresses, I don't want to cover them with plastic, kwim?
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I think either wool product will work but I'll be honest we don't have any experience. Both my boys are still in bed with me but when we set up their room this summer I think I will get an organic futon mattress for the floor.
I bought washable adult incontinence pads. The kind that nursing homes use and they are FANTABULOUS
Our mattresses stay dry, it's easy cleanup and reusable. I went to the med supply store to buy them.
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Originally Posted by ilikethedesert View Post
What other non-toxic, no PVC matress covers are you all using?
Having bought these natural and safe mattresses, I don't want to cover them with plastic, kwim?
I use waterproof mattress pads. They are quilted and skirted, just like the non-waterproof varieties. Just a bit harder to find and a little bit more expensive. I don't know if the materials suit your non-toxic requirements. They are cotton tops, but the waterproof fabric inside is most certainly synthetic.
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Check these out: . I am not sure about the plastic but they seem pretty awesome to me! I like that they draw the moisture away!
Thanks for the link and ideas! Non-hippie mama, I like your sig!
I forgot about those hospita; pad things. I used them for homebirthing and after and they were good!
What about the protective mattress covers that you can get from Ikea?
Wow! Thanks for the link! I really like that Nekkie Blankie idea...I could find SO many uses for that in my house! I might even need more than one!!!
Hey, Chic Mama...are you the owner of ?

I was just looking at that site yesterday and thought it was so classy! Nice stuff, I can't wait to get som pp so I can order!
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I need to get something too, but my sister uses fabric she bought at the fabric store. it has flannel on both sides, but some rubber inbetween, like a giant lap pad.
We have a wool puddle pad and it works great
! It has been tested several times, and has worked so well, I'm finally not scared all the time that our expensive, organic, latex mattress will be ruined
. I am fairly certain using a felted wool blanket would give the same results.
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Thanks for the recommendation ladies! Also free shipping for MDC mamas this month
. I have a 2.5 y/o whom still has night accidents so we use our nekkie blankie (top keeps him dry; bottom keeps matress dry). You can use felted wool in a pillowcase- but then your LO doesn't stay dry. My guys are both pretty proned to rash and we EC so I wanted something that felt dry.
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we use a puddle pad, that's been felted. You can also try
a natura wool (?) I think this is it materess pad, it's filled w/ wool.
White lotus home carries them
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