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What size bottle nipple?

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We used slow flow avent 1s. Now the baby is 7.5 months. We started to use Avent 2s. Do you think that's a good size?

Please don't tell me not to use bottles. Thanks!
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I had to supplement my ds2 when I got pg w/ my twins. I switched him to stage 2 at about that age. FWIW, I he used the stage 2's until he was bottle weaned at 14 months.
My dd stayed on the slow flow newborn nipples (playtex and gerber...she never liked the Avent) until she moved to a sippy cup around 8 months. I'd probably recommend staying with the slow flow nipples if you also breastfeed, but moving to the stage 2 nipples if you primarily bottle nurse and are not planning on introducing a cup (or sippy) for a while.
Here's my rule of thumb. If when on the bottle nurser teh child is acting mad and upset because it's "taking too long" move them to the next size larger regardless of whether they are nursed at the breast as well or NOT. If they are choking and gagging or gulping with the next size up it is too much for them to handle. I too am a supply issue mama so I understand your need to know. Glad that you've been pressing through. Good Job!
DS is almost eight months and has been on the "2" from Avent for almost two months; the "1"s were frustrating the heck out of him (I'm not sure what his nipples were before then). He seems to be fine on this size -- though DH occasionally jokingly wishes he would drink from a "3" or "4" during night feedings so he'd finish more quickly!

Hope this helps!
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Thanks all!

We switched to 2s and baby is drinking a lot more (it seems). Of course, i want to maintain our bfing relationships and don't want it to become too easy with the bottle.
We advanced too fast to 3s at around 4 mo and started having issues with nursing. Seems nursing was no longer fast enough. geez. So we're back to 2s.
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