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What size fuzzi bunz?

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After many months of fleece issues I have finally found a solution. All my fleece diapers are working again!!! I use to use fuzzi bunz when dd was 3 months, but had repelling issues after a month, and gave up. I'm ready to try again now that my fleece works. She is 8 months old, 17-18lbs, 9 1/2" thighs. I already have a lot of medium size diapers, and want to get the most use out of these that I can. Should I get the petite toddler, or stick w/ the medium? I'm willing to get the bigger size if it is only going to be a couple months before they fit. She's not chubby, so I'm not really sure if she'd actually need the true large. What do you think? TIA

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I would try a PT. (But buy only 1) has free shipping is great to deal with too.

HTH~ Jodi
We have 4 M, 12 PT and 8 L, and this is pretty much all we use for diapering now. DD is 10.5 mos, 20.5 lbs or so and probably 9.5 or 10 inch thighs. she can squeeze into the Ms; the PTs fit on the last or next-to-last snap; and the larges fit on the smallest or next-to-smallest snap.

I think once she is walking her thighs will slim down a bit and the PTs (and even the Ms) will fit on a smaller snap setting. The Ls are great for nights b/c we can stuff them to the brim and they still fit.

Edited to add: DD is not chubby at all but she is tall (29.5 in or so) I think she will grow out of the rise in the Ms before they are too small in the thighs. If your DD is not chubby either, she will fit in the Ls for a long, long time (I have a friend w/a 20-month-old who is wearing Ls) but they might be a bit puffy for a couple of months!

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I'd say go with the PT for longest fit. Maggie is 15 1/2 months and weighs 26 lbs. She can still fit on the mediums at the next to loosest setting, the pt at next to the tightest setting and she can fit the large on the tightest setting but they gape at the waist
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