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What size Happy Heinys?

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My lil girl is now 17months old. She is tall and lean. She weighs 22 pounds and her measurements are..
Should I get the medium or large? I want them to fit but I need these to last for awhile.
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I would go for a large because the medium rise might be too short.

eta you can have crossover tabs put on them for a tighter fit.
I would also say the larges. But you may want cross over tabs, those are very helpful for us.
The rise was measured over a diaper..dont know if that matters.
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I would still go for large because the mediums only fit until 25lbs. and if you want them to last awhile then you would want large.
I would prob. go for a large....or a meduim if you have the $$ and will be using them again soon (for example: with another baby)
I would also say large with cross over tabs. My 21# ds can wear mediums and a large with cross over tabs.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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