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What size of CPFs to get (regular or premium)?

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Now that I have decided to get CPFs I need to know whether or not I should go with regular or premium?

Chloe is 10-1/2 months old. She weighs around 17 pounds. Is that enough information? We can actually go with just one JB at nighttime so I'm guessing she isn't that heavy of a wetter but I don't know if that will change as she gets older or not (being I'm a first-time mama and all).

What is your suggestion?

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I personally prefer the regular size. I love the bikini twist with a snappi. It is so trim with the regular size. I have some of the premiums and we use those for nights mostly.
If she is a light wetter I would just go for the regular. THe premiums can be a bit bulky. Maybe get 1 of each first and then decide which you like better.
I guess I'd be in the minority because I'd always opt for the extra absorbancy. I always change my babies right away when they wet but man can they go a lot at once!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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