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Thought this would be funny

Here's my list, at 37 weeks:

1. Keeping the house clean. Like not leaving dishes in the sink at night, in case I go into labor in the middle of the night & can't do them. The house has "clean zones" where dh is forbidden to enter--like the guest bathroom, which has been cleaned and has clean towels in preparation for my mother coming. My mother is so not the type of mother to judge, but I got caught the first time with a messy place and don't want to have it happen again :LOL.

2. Food, tolietries. We have stockpiled so much food and tolietries that I don't think we'll have to shop for 3 months after the birth.

3. My hair. Every day I fix my hair just in case I end up having to go to hospital that day. Again, the first time I went in without having done so and didn't get to shower for a couple of days and felt so gnarly.

4. Clean underwear & clothes. I don't want to be looking for a pair of underwear that fits, and I have ONE maternity outfit that still fits me, so I am a fanatic about keeping it washed so I can wear it to the hospital if I need to.

Looking forward to see what others come up with, at different stages!
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